Warmth & Laughter this Christmas at Broadwater

With lots of warmth and laughter in the air at this time of year, it’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas time has arrived once more! With everyone at Broadwater Tourist Park getting into the festive spirit Donna, Clarrie, Elly, Jack and Louie (our elf on the shelf) and the team would like to thank all the families and friends for coming to share such a wonderful time with us here at Broadwater Tourist Park.

Here at Broadwater this year we have lots of crafts and food trucks coming to share our jolly ways! Don’t forget the reptile show, that will be a sight to see in itself, make sure to bring your cameras with you to help make those memories last a life time. Please feel free to post any activity ideas on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/BroadwaterTouristPark/ we would LOVE to hear your suggestions!

Also don’t forget to come check out where Louie will be every day. Even we can’t keep track of where he ends up each morning, he’s very good at moving from shelf to shelf!Click here to down load all the action-packed fun you can have in our backyard over this Jolly season.




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